About SRSR

About SRSR

Committed to help you enjoy and experience the life changing benefits of running!

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About SRSR
SRSR is committed to helping you enjoy and experience the life changing benefits of running by providing individualised and supportive training programs. Coaching for first time 5km runners, a runner/triathlete who wants to improve their 10km time or a Marathoner who aims to break 4hrs, these are some of the programs SRSR can deliver unique to you. Simple, effective and well planned sessions, tailored to your life, SRSR will help you maximise the benefits of this great sport of running in a supportive manner. In the world of apps, data and social media, SRSR will swim against this stream and provide coaching that taps into your internal motivation, your enjoyment of running and what it can provide to everyday life.
About Carl
I am an enthusiastic runner who has experienced the joy and life benefits of the sport as well as the results of committing to a plan to achieve a time, distance or place. I spent time as a Full Time Triathlete acquiring fundamental knowledge of training plans and keys for success. It’s my focus on the marathon in combination with a coaching role in my professional life that has inspired me to help others. I gain immense satisfaction from helping people achieve goals of whatever nature as a runner and am committed to facilitating people to enjoy their training and incorporate running into their everyday life.

What Makes Us Great

Tailored Program to Each Runner
Simple, Effective Sessions
Frequent Feedback
Ability to Change programs based on life events

Our SRSR Values

All Runners Are Different
Potential is in All People
Everyone Benefits From Feedback
Simple and Effective Programs Work